Easy Apple Crumble

One of my favourite desserts in apple crumble. It is simple, easy, and delicious. Apple crumble is also made from many ingredients that are readily available in my pantry, and when apples are in season is very inexpensive. This is usually one of my biggest cravings! A great benefit of eating apples, especially when pregnant, … Continue reading Easy Apple Crumble


What is Mindfulness Really?

What is mindfulness and why is it important?┬áThe term mindfulness seems to be one of the newest buzz words, but what is it really? Mindfulness is bringing your mind into the present moment and focusing on your surroundings and current state of mind. Mindfulness is unstructured meditation that can be used at any time in … Continue reading What is Mindfulness Really?

Managing the Scary What If’s of Pregnancy and Delivery

It is official, I have reached 30 weeks pregnant with my twin girls. I have been extremely fortunate to not have any major concerns. But, now that I have hit the 30 week mark, I am higher risk for pre-term delivery. This is something I think about often. Like most new moms, the delivery portion … Continue reading Managing the Scary What If’s of Pregnancy and Delivery